Table of Contents

Wobbling Stars
        Why Finding Planets is Hard
        The Man Who Harvests Planets
        Hot Jupiters
        Strange New Worlds
        Copernicus Redux
Needle in a Haystack
        Transiting Planets
        Gravity Lends a Hand
        Playing the Odds
Growing Planets
        Complexity and Chaos
        Forging Exoplanets
        Water Worlds
Detecting Earths
        How to Find Clones of Home
        Big Glass
        Cheating the Atmosphere
A Plethora of Planets
        Upcoming Missions
        The Promise of TPF
        Cutting to the Chase
Travel to the Stars
        The Fastest Thing There Is
        Bigger and Bigger Fireworks
        New Technologies
        Between Science and Science Fiction
Our Future in Space
        NASA Goes on a Diet
        Bring on the Robots
        The Experience of Space
        Your Next Vacation?
        Dreams of Other Worlds

Chapter 6

Distant Worlds

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