Chapter 3 - Extreme Life

Table of Contents

Cosmic Chemistry
        Helium and the Big Bang
        The Stuff of the Universe
        Cauldron of the Elements
        Cycles of Life and Death
Deep Time
        Everyday Time
        Time Using Gravity
        Atoms and Time
        The Clocks in the Rocks
First Traces of Life
        The Art of Reading Rocks
        Finding the Oldest Rocks
        A Time Capsule of Life
        Body Fossils
        Trace Fossils
        Molecular Fossils
        Life’s Early Frontier
Life in a Bottle
        The Miller-Urey Experiments
        Ingredients from Space
The Nature of Life
        Life Uses Energy
        Life Battles Disorder
        Life Stores Information
        The Mechanism of Evolution
How Did Life Start?
        An Intelligent Designer?
        From Atoms to Molecules
        RNA is Special
        The First Replicator
        The First Cell
        The Birth of Evolution
One Earth
        An Intricate Dance

Chapter 3

Extreme Life

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