Chapter 1 - The Unfinished Revolution

Table of Contents

The Audacity of the Greeks
        Thinking Deeply About Nature
        From Atoms to Worlds
        The Man Who Displaced the Earth
        Witnessing the Birth of Science
How We Know What We Know
        We Are All Scientists
        From Patterns to Understanding
        The Toolkit of Science
        Better Living Through Logic
        Does Science Have Limits?
The Copernican Revolution
        The Reluctant Revolutionary
        The Mystic of Many Worlds
        Cementing the Heliocentric Model
        Worlds in Collision
        Master of the Universe
Modern Cosmology
        Herschel Scans the Skies
        Better Telescopes, Better Technology
        Hubble and the Nature of the Nebulae
        Welcome to the Expanding Universe
        Einstein Gives Shape to Gravity
        Big Bang
        Enigmas of the Universe
Enhancing our Senses
        Extending the Reach of the Eye
        Detecting Invisible Waves
        Exotic Messengers
Our Place in the Universe
        Space: A Toy Model
        Time: A Toy Model
The Emergence of Astrobiology
        Chemistry is Cosmic
        The Nature and Evolution of Life
        Astronomy and the Vastness of Space
        Astrobiology Grows Up

Chapter 1

The Unfinished Revolution

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